5 Reasons to Quit Smoking And Start Vaping Today!

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Hello Bitlander friends!

Today I want to talk about why vaping or e-cigarettes might be the way for you to quit smoking!

There is a lot of misinformation about vaping and a lot of things to learn about to get into it, but it's worth it for the way it can make you feel!

I am very greatful I got into vaping and I hope this blog will encourage you to try it out! Without further adeiu...




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When I used to smoke I always needed an ashtray. Not having an ashtray around was always a huge issue because well, where do I put my butt?

Many cities fine for littering of cigarettes butts yet don't always provide proper ashtrays, so many smokers are left scraping their smoke out on a building or picking the cherry off with our hands, then finding a garbage can to put it in, or leaving it in your pocket to smell forever...

I had ash all over my home. I had ash on my keyboard from smoking and typing, and windows would get yellowed from my habitual chain smoking indoors in winter. 

Smoking...is kinda messy!

Vaping? Not so much!

Since vaping is really just water vapour mixed with flavours and nicotine it doesn't stick or stain your walls, furniture..or teeth. It leaves no ash residue and needs no ashtray for the disposal of it's waste. It's only real waste is the coils which aren't harmful in any way and can be easily discarded in any trash can. They don't smell, they're just sometimes a little sticky!



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E-juice comes in many many flavors! The sky is almost the limit when it comes to the kinds of flavours you can find for vapes!

Not only that, many online sellers of ejuice allow you to make your own flavors or mix their flavors together!

I had a ball the first time I started vaping making fun flavors...turns out I'm a vanilla/sugary/custard kinda girl!

You, too can know the joy of vaping chocolate mint while drinking coffee!

There are many sellers to choose from but it's a good idea to go for FDA approved sellers where you can, since otherwise you don't really know what kind of juice you're going to get!

There are also different kinds of juice for different kinds of vapes.

Here is a handy guide about juice and PG vs VG for vaping from vaping360.com


It has been found that Sub Ohm vaping produces the tastiest clouds! Sub Ohm vapes tend to use higher VG in their ejuice as a result.



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I never realized how much I stank of cigarette smoke until I quit. Now, I can smell for a block away anyone who has just had a cigarette. Even with perfume and mouthwash it still lingers...

For me, the smell of cigarette smoke will always be something pleasant..but now that I'm quit I can totally smell why everyone else kind of hates it!

It does linger on EVERYTHING! And it most definitley made my mouth taste and smell like an ashtray after a cigarette...and since I smoked a lot that was pretty much all the time.


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Now that I vape I always smell however awesome my vape juice smells! I suppose theoretically you can get vape juice that smells like tobacco, which is great for when you're first starting. but ultimately vape juice can smell amazing!

It also, again doesn't really linger at all. I don't find all my clothes smell like peaches or custard or anything ever!


video source: youtube.com user: Veppo Vape Shop

The problem I always ran into when I tried to quit smoking was the getting off that last cigarette.

I felt like I couldn't wean myself away from nicotine at all. I would quit for a few weeks then come back and end up smoking even more than before! I eventually quit quitting for that reason...every time I'd try and come back I'd be smoking more cigarettes to feed my addiction..

With vaping you can start with juice at 32mg nicotine if you want

[although it's not reccomended unless you smoke like 3 or more packs a day...]

and then scale down!

When I started vaping my biggest issue was nicotine levels. I assumed I should start low on nicotine and then didn't understand why vaping wasn't working. Then I jumped my nicotine level from 6mg to 18mg....and the difference was profund. My body adjusted to the ecigarette and I suddenly didn't crave a cigarette half as bad!

I am now happily down to only 3mg of nicotine in my juice. It feels amazing. 




Since quitting smoking and starting vaping I have noticed:

  • I don't hack in the mornings
  • I can sing again!
  • I can take much deeper breaths
  • I don't feel as out of breath during exercise
  • I don't smell like smoke all the time
  • My breath is much improved!

Smoking tends to have an effect on your lungs where it laquers them with the smoke. This makes i thard for you to breathe. Smoking also fills your lungs with tar, something that vaping does not do. It also causes cancer!

According to this report sponsored by UK's Department of Health, electronic cigarettes are at least 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes. 

"The Guardian" had this to say about ecigarettes:

E-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking because they don't contain tobacco. Inhaling burnt tobacco-but also chewing it- is hugely damaging to human health. Remove the tobacco and combustion and it is hardly surprising that the risk is reduced. 


 video source: me, o0pepper0o!

can say with a lot of conviction that vaping has probably extended my life by many years and saved me from having a hole in my neck one day. 

Although vaping is definitley NOT healthy, it is much healthier and safer than smoking. It is much less life threatening.

Much of the misinformation about vaping is funded by tobacco lobbying groups and should be thouroughly inspected before believing.

If you don't smoke, I do not reccomend starting vaping. That would be foolish!

Please only try vaping out if you are addicted to cigarettes and want to look for alternatives to quit!

So there you have it! My 5 reasons to quit smoking and start vaping today!!

Thank you all so much for reading my blog! If you have questions about vaping or vaping generally don't hesitate to inbox or comment about it!











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