6 Ways Online Video Has Affected Society

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Most of us have been watching videos online for years.

But have you ever wondered how much of our society has been changed by it?

Here are 6 ways online video has affected our society in ways you might not know:

1. Education becomes more accessible

Heard of KhanAcademy? KhanAcademy.org is a website dedicated to providing videos on everything from Algebra to Computer Science. All 3,000+ videos of theirs are free to watch. That is just one example of many where Online Video has given users worldwide access to learn valuable knowledge. There are even entire Harvard lectures on YouTube for free!

2. Tour the Planet. 

Ever wanted to see the Great Wall of China? Or Machu Picchu in Peru? Well, now you can live a first-hand experience thanks to the videos uploaded by others who have been there. You can see it through their eyes and learn from their experiences. Isn't that neat?

3. People can get discovered

Justin Bieber. Ted Williams. All of these people were discovered through YouTube and gained fame. Online video helps people get their name known out there for whatever the reason.

4. Thought Leaders. 

If online video didn't exist, they wouldn't either. Many have gained so many subscribers that their channel is their main source of revenue. What would they be doing without online video? Who knows?

5. Helps the World stay Connected. 

As time goes by, however, it is expected that the majority of the population will be more informed about what is happening on the Web. We are just the first handful of generations to come that will interact with this wonderful medium.

6. Made Video Easy To Watch

The reason Film Annex became so famous (ranked #104 in USAis because they made it easy to upload and watch videos. Thanks to Film Annex, we are able to watch, share and talk about video content on the Web without any trouble.


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