8 Facts That Prove Pugs Are Awesome

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Everybody loves dogs some don't even know it yet so if you do heres some awesome facts about Pugs:

1. A group of Pugs are called a Grumble, which is awesome .

2. Pugs are a very social breed.

3. There small size and social abilitys make them easy to dressup.

4. In the 16th century Prince William of the House Of Orange was saved by his loyal Pug, Pompey the Pug woke him up in the middle of the night alerting him of the assassins'. After that the Pug became the offical breed of House Orange .

5. Famous Pug owners: Denise Richards, Ted Danson And Jessica Alba.

6. Pugs were bred to sit on the laps of Chinese emperors which is probably why there not the most athletic breed.

7.They can live in apartments due to there minimal need of exercise.

8. They are a very low maintenance breed.

Therefore Pugs Are Awesome.

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