A blank page is an intimidatingly exciting place

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Finishing a large project and having a clear horizon ahead of you for boundless creative exploration is always an exciting time. The problem is, which project to undertake? What is the most worthwhile and if you are going to take on multiple projects, are you going to find it too much to take on?

This time last year, I was in an even fresher position with a project just completed and no job. I took on article writing for Major League Soccer, accepted the gliding film job, began machinima making (making films with video game software), got a full time job and did foundation work for a 'Paper Cut' short. It all got a little much and none of the pathways I went quite flourished into the yellow brick road. Last year reminded me of all the things I can do however and I learnt some positive life lessons.

So far this year, with a bit of thinking, I may have narrowed things down to a few priorities that will make me satisfied with progress in 2013. I'm lucky to have a full time job which is flexible and on quiet days I can get production work done, so I get both financial stability and the potential to work extended hours on pre and post production. I'll be once again concentrating my attentions to another Paper Cut, but as it is a far more ambitious idea, I have been getting to work on learning Flash animation. When I get to an acceptably proficient level, I will pair the animations in Flash with compositing in After Effects and I should get a more polished results with a more orthodox workflow.

Another aspect I want to concentrate on is making some of my bigger ideas into feature scripts. I want to at least have a big idea written as a script and to be able to work on creating a strong pitch for it. Sometimes you lose sight of a big goal and concentrate on smaller goals. I want to concentrate on both, with enough ammunition in the face of rejection, to have a strong plan B, C, and however many letters of the alphabet it takes until I get support on a project. I have a lot of belief in my story telling and I need to start thinking big with them.

Temptation to stray is a big obstacle though. I like to indulge in less productive activities and procrastinate like anyone else, but as much as working on films is a joy, it's an extra activity outside of full time work and although I'm lucky to have as much free time as I do, it's still a precious commodity. Film making in itself can be a fickle labour of love. Just yesterday, I was talking to a friend about how I'd love to buy an expensive camera with a quality lens and monopod, but I was reminded to keep improving on the animation tools I have and focus on the productions I'm aiming to complete with them. I then received my tax bill and my feet was right back on the ground again and I'm actually quite thankful for it. The blank page of consciousness can so easily become an overcrowded place.

Projects need to be nurtured like a baby with an unconditional and loyal love. Laying idea eggs is all good, but I should only let a few hatch at a time.


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