A doggie snuggie for an adorable puppy!

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While I am not complaining about the cold weather, despite the fact that I am freezing my bones off, my dog, Taiko has plenty of reasons to complain about the cold. The other day I shared with all of you a post about him getting his fur trimmed off because it was all tangled up thanks to his little escapade to the back of the house, where he ended up held hostage by a rat. Now he has very short hair and very close to the skin. While his fur didn’t provide him with much warmth for the cold days, it was still better than none.

I had planned to go buy him a sweater to make up for his loss of fur, but with my in-laws taking most of our time lately and me getting sick on the past weekend, I could not make it to the pet stores. I didn’t count on such a strong cold front to affect us so early in the year. We usually get this kind of cold by December, or January, never during the month of November, so the cold weather caught us both off guard and totally unprepared.

My poor dog has no cold resistance what so ever and the last 13 hours have been a real struggle for him. He didn’t like our other dog’s sweater; he took it off in the middle of the night. He did not like the towels we had placed on him to keep him warm, he hates getting tangled up in them, so he kicked them off. The house itself is not cold at all, a bit colder than with the air conditioner on, but he can’t stand it.

This morning he wanted to climb in to bed with us. Because of my eyes poor health, I don’t let him do that at all, but for a little while, I allowed him to jump in bed with me till my husband went to work. He stayed nice and warm for a little while till he got bored and then wanted down, so I placed him on the floor and a little while after, as I had expected, he began to cry again.

I felt so sorry for him. I couldn’t hear him crying like that, so I got a baby blanket and fashioned a snuggie for him. That did the trick. He didn’t got tire of the baby blanket and since it is all nice and plush like, it keeps him nice and warm, so he is now haply sleeping next to me on his snuggie and no longer cold. He looks so adorable and so at peace, I will have to check at the stores to see if they make actual snuggies for little dogs, if not, I guess he will have to keep using the one I made for him for the rest of winter, or till he gets a little more fur.

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