"A Haunted House 2" (2014) - Pointless?

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It isn't so much that the Marlon Wayans frightfulness parody "A Haunted House 2" isn't idiotic. It is, unfathomably along these lines, and in addition in fact incompetent, damn close plotless, and buried in silliness so immature, appalling and backward that this faultfinder saw a gaggle of preteen theater-containers moan with irritation at a few of the running sex jokes. But then, there's a sure grievously commendable level of duty from the cast, especially the nobility loath Wayans, that at any rate lifts it over the spoof film nadir set by "Date Movie"/"Epic Movie" auteurs Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. It's surely prone to be among the most exceedingly bad films in wide discharge this year, however it's a long way from the most hateable, and that ought to mean something.

A continuation of a year ago's "A Haunted House," which earned $40 million despite the fact that it seemed to have been financed with change gathered from a shopping center wellspring, this spin-off discovers hero Malcolm (Wayans, who additionally co-scripted with Rick Alvarez) moving into a shiny new home with fresh out of the box new sweetheart Megan (Jaime Pressly) and her two youngsters (Ashley Rickards, Steele Stebbins). Hypothetically organized as a discovered footage exercise, however much of the time deciding on standard shots with no obvious increment in quality, the film follows Malcolm's developing acknowledgment that his new house is, surely, haunted.

In spite of the fact that there are evident components imported from late ghastliness pics like "Guileful," "The Possession" and "The Conjuring," it's difficult to truly call "A Haunted House 2" a satire. Spoofs for the most part tend to riff on and remark upon the movies and sorts they're sending up, while this exertion just uses them as a free system on which to hang a quick fire flood of hyper, vigorously ad libbed setpieces. Long groupings of Wayans fighting a chicken, slapping at moths or taking part in to a great degree obscene intercourse with a porcelain doll make the Three Stooges look like Jane Austen, yet in any event they give some reptile mind relief from the scripted dialog, which mines a large portion of its punchlines from racial generalizations, sex and — with troubling recurrence — local and creature misuse.

This is, as it were, genuinely a base encouraging bit of work, yet it's hard not to be intrigued by Wayans' true absence of hesitance as he throws himself over the set stripped, drool spilling from his mouth, shouting and keeping up a steady patter of without any preparation chatter with the camera inches from his face. Most top-charged on-screen characters, even lowbrow comedic ones, would have deceived indications of hesitance or disgrace sooner or later, yet Wayans' dedication is all out, just about to the level of an execution craftsman. His unending vitality gives "A Haunted House 2" an odd kind of uprightness: If nothing else, Wayans and executive Michael Tiddes seem to have made precisely the motion picture they needed to make, with no misrepresentation to much else. Whether they ought to have disturbed is maybe a matter of taste.

Showing up in little parts, Cedric the Entertainer neglects to enliven in a repeat of his hoodlum minister character; Latino standup comic Gabriel Iglesias serves to expand the scope of ethnic funniness from basic "see white folks, they drive like this" muffles to incorporate Mexican generalizations also; and Affion Crockett some way or another takes the motion picture through his rehashed, practically Yiddish-like articulation of "homie."


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