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There must be very few who did not enjoy the comic books when they were kids. (I always wondered why they were called comic books) My favourite ones were Phantom, Mandrake the magician and Tarzan.

It was so fascinating to know that Tarzan was the child of Lady & Earl of Greystoke who were shipwrecked and how he was adopted by one of the apes who had lost her own child. Then came other lovely cartoon strips like Denis the Menace followed by Calvin and Hobbes. The difference between Denis and Calvin is that Denis thought and spoke like a child would whereas Calvin’s thoughts and words were that of an adult. Coming back to Tarzan, I remember the time I cut up all the Tarzan comic strips from the daily newspaper (Monday to Friday) stuck them together to form one big roll. I modified a shoe box to make some sort of a movie viewing box and fixed the roll in it so that it could be viewed like a movie. Those were days when kids were happy with simple pleasures of life… Recently I saw a short cartoon movie which brought back old memories. This was an animated movie with a difference . It conveys a message of life without actually preaching about it. In fact there are no dialogues, no voice over, just music (and I loved the music too). It is for the viewer to decide what the movie has to say. The message is so simple that even a kid can understand it. Come to think of it, I think this is a good cartoon movie for kids. A movie with a message by Ting Tey.


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