A weekend in Germany - Day 1: Dinner in Bayreuth

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Bayreuth is the town where we stayed for the night, located about 89 km northeast of Nuremberg, Germany.

It took us one hour to reach our hotel in Bayreuth. After a short break, it was time for dinner already! We then went to the city centre with our car. To be honest, it was not easy to find a restaurant in Bayreuth! Probably because it was late. We had almost given up and we were about to head back to our hotel when we finally found a nice little restaurant hidden in a corner. I really liked the decorations inside the restaurant, it was cute and cozy :)


We ordered 4 glasses of fresh Wiessbier! It means Wheat Beer in English and it is my favorite beer :) One thing I noticed is water usually costs more than beer in northern Europe and I have no idea why... 


Because of the language barrier, it took us a while to order the meal but we eventually managed! Here are the dishes we ordered:

- Fried trout fillet with baked potatoes.

- Pan Schnitze with mushrooms, fried potatoes.

I think these are typical German cuisine dishes and they were great!


What came next? Dessert! I ordered Crepes with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries. I loved it but I didn't expect two! My friend defined it as "German portions" and I think you can easily grab the concept by looking at the picture: it is HUGE! And it is also a caloric bomb! 

Yummy! :D


And then it was time to got to bed. Good night :)