"Above & Below" - Zorg's Character Description

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There's a saying that none can be indifferent to the songs of angels, that they could tame the wildest of hearts and beasts. It is because of this reason, and countless others, that Zorg became the champion of light, entrusted with the difficult task restoring the Power Gem.

Known as the „singing angel” to his kind, Zorg has always had something for the fine arts. Some know him for his voice, others even go so far as to call him a poet, yet all know of his great heart and love for all. When the shards fell off the Power Gem, all angels gathered in a council asking for a volunteer to seek these broken pieces and return them to their rightful place. It was then when Zorg immediately stood up and offered his talents. Many didn't understand his wish, and even more were surprised when his wish had been granted. But at the end, as he set forth in his quest, they all realized a weird silence filling the air. The magically enchanted instruments that once echoed through the clouds with songs of joy, were now silent due to disruption of magic. Then it became clear to all just why „the singer” had volunteered.

Help Zorg in his quest, find and return the shards to the Power Gem, and last but not least, help the little one sing once more.

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