Actors Are Dumb

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I was discussing a particular South African Soap Opera we get in Jamaica called Generations.  We love that show.  It's been shown here for years.   

The thing is, we only get four episodes a week, when the show broadcasts five, so we are not seeing the October 2012 series.

In 2014 all the actors and actresses demanded more money and so they were all fired.  The show went on after a short break with actors and actresses who had been written out of the show for one reason or another years ago.

To me, if I reduce it to a standard work relationship, that is workers and a boss; what would happen if a secretary or accountant or I.T. expert,  told the boss that unless he pays more money s/he is quitting?

The Boss doesn't pay more money, the employee quits.

Is anyone going to hire that employee?  


Imagine you are the Boss and in marches a worker who demands more money and you can not pay it or don't like this kind of strong-arm tactic.  The employee marches out.

A month later you are contacted by someone that employee has approached for a job.   What do you say?  You say the truth.   

It is not likely that prospective employer is going to hire that person.

Now make it acting.  Make it acting in a weekly drama.  For anyone to walk off could destroy the show.  So would you hire anyone who walked off a previous show?



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