Advantage and Importance of Domestic animals at Home and their comparison

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In every country of the world peoples have domestic pets in their houses.Domestic pet are very useful for human beings.Every family select the domestic pet according to their choice.

The Choice is also depend on the environment and place.The peoples who live in cold areas select the goat,She-buffaloes,and other eat animals that make their body hot and make warm and also defeat form cold.

In cities the selection of pets is totally different.The peoples like dogs,cats,rabbits and special type of birds that make their house beautiful.Mostly peoples are fond of domestic pets and take care with heart.

If we talk about the compare of pets,the birds are the favorite and mostly peoples like them because they are very colorful and give a pleasant look to the house as comparison to the other animals.Some animals are very use because it give the protection to the house from different difficulties like dogs etc.

Dog is very faithful pet and take care of house like a own.We should take care of pets it have very important value in our life and we can not live happy without them.It is the gift of God and we should thanks for it and pray of God.

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