Afghan Special Forces being trained for self-sufficiency in Afghanistan

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As the Dec 2014 deadline for the withdrawal of the NATO forces draws closer, the task of training a greater number of the elite Afghan National Army Special Forces seems even more urgent. The US Special Forces have been training the Afghan Special Forces in insurgency operations, weapons training, in conducting night raids and in using sophisticated equipment since the past two years.  The first batch of these elite Afghan forces passed out in May 2010. Their training currently taking place just outside Kabul.

Put through strenuous training schedules, the soldiers of the elite Afghan force are carefully selected from among the Afghan Police and Army. Overcoming typical cultural barriers that the NATO forces face in search and raid operations, this elite Special Force is slowly coming into its own.  They have the added benefit of knowing the local language, blending in with the locals and understanding indigenous customs. This makes the task of house raids easier for both the people and the government. The force has the daunting task of ensuring the stability of the country in a terrain that is at the best of times punishing.

Their job will be onerous and riskier when the NATO forces depart in a couple of years.  For this reason, more emphasis is on the quality and effectiveness of the training. The training is focused not only on providing basic skills required for combat operations but also a mindset change from the warrior mentality.  Critical thinking and leadership qualities tailor-made to rapidly transforming scenarios are specially being focused upon. There are many fascinating stories behind the training and conducting of operations by the Afghan Special Forces units and the challenges that lie ahead of them in the near future.

In the not-so-distant future, they will be spearheading the operations to a safer and secure Afghanistan. Watch this space for more.

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