Afghanistan and Iran trading relationship

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Afghanistan and Iran are the countries that they have lots of similarities; there is no any country in the Asia region the same as Afghanistan and Iran. Afghanistan and Iran has got the same history of culture, religion, language, customs.... Iran doesn't have any country in its neighbourhood like Afghanistan.

If we search about the political history of the two countries we will find out that when these two countries became independent from one another, it was very hard for Iran government to accept Afghanistan as an independent country by the name of Afghanistan. However, the history of the land does not exist in Afghanistan some ironies believes that Afghanistan is part of Iran but it is wrong. Iran doesn't have any history without Afghanistan, I am quite sure if there wasn’t Afghanistan Iran doesn't exist in the world map. Many historical events of Iran had happened in Afghanistan Earth it is will be clear to you by reading of Firdausi's Shahnameh.

Trade between Afghanistan and Iran

Iran is the most important trading partner of Afghanistan after Pakistan. Commercial exchanges between the Iran and Afghanistan in (2010) reached approximately $ 900 million most of this number belongs to the Iran's exports to Afghanistan. The Iranian government has predicted that the trade volume last year reached one billion dollars. If we compare this figure with previous years, in particular demonstrate that Iran's exports to Afghanistan since 2007 has increased by about five times. Iran's exports to Afghanistan in 2007, about 150 million dollars in 2008 to nearly $ 210 million has increased. Total exports from Afghanistan to Iran are not over than $ 50 million.

However, the difference between the trade balance (trade) between Iran and Afghanistan is not a strange thing. Afghanistan in the past decade has been one of the largest consumer markets in the region. Afghanistan was not able to produce its necessities inside of country so all the things that Afghan people needed was imported from other countries like agricultural products, Machinery products, foodstuffs, construction materials, fuel, medicine, wood and plastic industries etc. Most of Afghan consumers like the Iranian products if we compare Iranian product to Pakistani or Chinese we will see the differences.

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