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     Innovation and being innovator in technology field is something absolutely new in Afghanistan. AWCC, ROSHAN, MTN, and Etisalat communication companies along with Afghan Citadel Software Company are all examples of innovation in Afghanistan. They could have changed the world into a village for the people of Afghanistan.

     Sharif is a 23-year-old boy waiting in a long line in front of the ROSHAN Company in Herat, Afghanistan. As he was holding a cell phone in his hand and playing with which said, "Today, I am really happy that ROSHAN Company has already provided 3G internet with a high speed quality. There for, I have come to activate my ROSHAN 3G."  The same as Sharif, there are tens of other youths who enjoy technology systems in the country.

     Tamana is also using internet facility through her cell phone. She is a fresh woman in Literature Faculty of Herat University, and studies English Department. She says, "Before I was using Etisalat's 3G, but now I use from the 3G internet of ROSHAN, its speed quality is high enough. She added that she has learned how to use internet and social networks through Afghan Citadel Software Company.

     Afghan Citadel Software Company is women owned one working to make Afghan girls educated in social media, and internet facility. They build free internet classes for the girls' schools. In one of the articles on Film Annex it was written that this company could have connected more than 30000 female students with one another through social media such as Film Annex, Twitter, Face book, and etc.

     Technology develops in Afghanistan faster even than some region countries in the world. There for, one can easily predict that someday Afghanistan will reach the picks of technology.  

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