Analysis report SWOT analysis A

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SWOT analysis


  • Kohinoor Sugar Mills Limited is one of the first Sugar Factories established in Pakistan since the country's independence
  • It is listed in both Karachi and Lahore stock exchanges.
  • It has big plant of production the capacity of crushing over 5,000 Metric Tons of Cane per Day.
  • Sale is increasing which is better for the company.
  • Total current assets are increasing as compared to base year which is better.
  • Company has a huge investment in fixed assets. This may be a positive or negative point for company.
  • Days sales in R/A are decreasing except 2007and 2010 this is good if it decrease in future and vice versa.
  • Day’s sales in inventory have decreased which is positive for company.
  • Inventory turnover in days is decreasing from2008 which is good.
  • Total asset turnover is increasing this is very good.

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