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Is it that someone ignored you, or made you feel stupid, or did they physically hurt you? Decide if you really care what that person thinks about you. If you don’t care, then just move on. But if you do, you can be the bigger person and seek to make peace with her. 

Find a safe situation where you can express your anger and frustration in a way that isn’t accusatory, but instead, allows for dialogue with the other person. Sometimes just telling someone how you feel helps tremendously to lessen the anger you’re experiencing. But remember, the goal is to solve the problem, and not just to get something off your chest. Find out what the other person’s perspective is on the situation.

Sometimes explaining yourself when you’ve been wronged, in a manner that is free from emotion, can help you decide whether a relationship is worth salvaging. It’s not wrong to feel angry or out of control. Taking all that powerful energy and working to find solutions, help, and healing with things you see as being wrong can be very beneficial to your own peace of mind, and the betterment of the world around you. Be the brave and courageous one who decides to stand up and make a positive difference. Let anger work for you, and it will soon affect others in a very positive way.


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