Annoying Experience - Must Read

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Dear friends, I want to share an annoyed experience just now I had. I went to pickup my kid in his school.We have pooling arrangement and I have to pick up also another 2 girls along with my son as they three were in same class.While going parents of those girls pick up my son and like that.Once I reached there ,I was 5 minute late and almost all school were empty after day off. Kids were standing little far from the main school door and suddenly care taker asst. teacher of my son came to me and told me that today they have some 2 hours extra classes. I asked 2 times and she replied yes. Then I went to my friend's home near to school. Suddenly I got a call from school saying that why you have not picked up your children and they are waiting here.I rushed there and pick all 3 them. Just because of that Asst.Teacher's statement I had to listen firing from the principal of the school. It was annoying experience