Are People Getting Dumber?

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If you review the 1960s and 1970s focusing on education, and compare the sylllabus to what is being taught in the same schools (or versions thereof) today, you may be astounded by what can only be called a deliberate policy of de-education.

In America, I.Q. tests were given to children at the age of 11/12 to ascertain which Junior High (Middle School) they should attend.   Those below an Intelligent Quotient of  85%  would be sent to Trade Schools.  Those above 130 were sent to schools for 'gifted' students.   

To stream children so as to prevent the less intelligent from distracting the more intelligent was the foundation.

This was not simply First World.

In Jamaica, for example, Latin was required.  The level of English one had to attain was set in England.  One took G.C.E 'O' levels, the G.C.E 'A' levels at High School, or, if one had left High School without these accredations they could pay for the Exams privately and sit them in set locals.

The High School Graduate in 1970 was very much on the level of the University Graduate of today, if not of a higher standard.

This led, of course, to very bright young people disagreeing with their governments because they had the knowledge base so to do.

Hence, a process of 'dumbing down' was begun.

The first step was to remove 'streaming'.  Every class had its share of kids who were below 85%.  Every class had a few above 120%.  This meant the brighter children were held back by the dumber.   This, of course led to boredom, and a child being considered to have an Attention Deficit Disorder.  

By the 1990s the drug 'Ritalin' was proscribed for school children so diagnoised. This was to dope them into zombie and stifle their creativity.

The very rich, of course, and the very aware, would remove their children from school.  Some adopted a 'Home Schooling' others sent their children to expensive private schools. 

Those who were Home Schooled or attended Private Schools did well and would gain places at prestigious Universities.   They would go on to fill specific places in society.

As most nations have a lot of 'peasant' work, be it farm or factory, server or servant, having a large work force of proles is necessary.   One only needs one bright manager and a few slightly above average intelligent Aides to run a business.  By limiting the number of bright people to dispute and disrupt a large population of sheep is created.

It is easy to notice this.

In the United States, for example, the protests against the Viet Nam war virtually brought down the government.  Today, the ridiculous wars in Irag and Afghanistan may attract a few protestors, but not the millions of the 60s/70s.  

People of those days easily saw through tricks and hoaxes so were not easily led. Today, there is no hoax that shoddy that will not find thousands if not  millions of dupes.

In 3rd and 4th World nations the protests are without alternative.  The citizens protest to protest and are easily manipulated to overthrow their governments, without the slightest qualm as to what will replace them.

Libya, Iraq, Egypt are just three places in the world which are worse off today then they were in 2010.  

All three saw protests to protest, all three underwent changes which can be easily viewed.  

The viewing is not so easy in other nations in which the changes have slipped by without note.

For example, a man like Donald Trump would have been laughed off the podium in the 60s, 70s, 80s, even 90s.   He looks ridiculous, he speaks senselessly, he seems a clown.  Many people in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th world thought he was a comedian.  Now, he is the Republican candidate for President.  A man with his lack of scruples, of intelligence of decent behaviour, may become President of the United States.

How is it possible?

It is possible because Americans have been dumbed down and manipulated.  They have been made to believe erroneous 'facts' they have been made to feel that the various problems the United States experiences can be solved with simple actions.

They will vote for Trump because he speaks to them, and there are a lot of them.

The question for the world, has it been a good thing to dumb down populations?  

China is not dumbing down, in fact, education is primary, and the pressure is great.  Where 1st world children are striving to be politically correct, to fit into the cliques, to be popular, Chinese children are striving to learn more, to score higher, to be better.

In the 50s/60s even 70s, America was fighting it's 'Cold War' with the Soviet Union. It was afraid that the Soviets would surpass them and education become more important than ever.

In the 1950s Schools were built, not the huge monstrosities, but 'small' schools, with less than 800 students, staffed by professional teachers and supported by active PTAs.  School was important.  Education was vital.  Parents knew it and would move to another district if they felt the school was substandard.

Few schools are built today which aren't huge factories with their over crowded classrooms, bored teachers, and low pass rate.

To discourage education in the 2000 it has become easier to get a low level job than a high level one.  To graduate University and be unemployed is beyond belief but is fact.  

This is not accidental.  Many positions which should demand more qualified people tend to go for less educated, as it is felt, they will be easier to manage and manipulate.   

The fact is, if one views history, the time of the 1960s saw so many countries taking Independence, so many protests, from Anti-War to Civil Rights, that something had to be done to make populations more managable.  Something had to be done to stop questioning, wondering, thinking.

By de-educating a population; not grossly, but effectively enough to create a large number of persons with very little real education who are easy to control, the powers that be ensure their survival.





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