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 Repablioc of Armenia ,a little country located in Caucasus ,country has  29 thousand square kilometer area .It s a little part of historical Aremenia .Western Armenia now is in Turekey ,It s a result of Armenian Genocide in 1915 ,then was killed 1.5 mil armenians and hundreds of thousands was deported and it s realy was only genocide ,it was Patricide too.(about Armenian Genocide write here . ) Repablic' s neighbors Gorgia,Iran,Turkey,Azerbaijan .Last 2 countrys are  blocks my country and our borther with them are closed .Repablic of Armenia (3 th repablic) .We create our 3 th repablic in 1991 ,before it Armenia was in Sovet Union .Now we are independent .This nation is one of the oldest in the world .It is a the first country ,that recognized Chiristianity as national religion in 301 date .So it s not amaizing we have so much churchs.   to be continued ...        

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