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Red flowers and green leaves – who is the beauty?

There are only a few autumns in a lifetime. I would rather not be alone. I visualize my days and live in it like how I imagined – a stain that spreads silence through existence.

I cannot utter enough what I’ll miss in life nor I can finish talking of love and hate. Like every journey that is long and windy, rough and smooth, it is filled with landscapes full of stars. 

Every morning I gently sigh for the ever-changing moments in life – unstable as it may be, boring and exciting at times – but loving my beauty even more is what I always fall for.

Life is so obscure – coming back and forth, making our relationship like a lotus root, cut, yet its fiber remains connected. But I know what I see when I see – that even if the whole world is starting to snow, I walk right to her, and I see spring.

It's that tune of a symphony she plays that gives the air a frailness and fragility, yet splendor and happiness is fulfilled – shaping the natural odor of life. 

I believe when I’m with her, I’m in my natural state of my habitat. For that, I will stay true as I have loved her and buried her when she passed away, long ago.


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The son of a sculptor and a ceramic designer, Eric Chang is a film director/photographer who spent his early years in his parent's workshop writing poetry, sketching with charcoals, and sculpting gypsum. Eric was the youngest nominee of the Discovery of the Year Award, which was presented at the 10th…

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