Barcelona and atliteco madrid won European chmpions league

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two teams from Spain went to the second step of European champions league

Atlitico Madrid  in his initial  four games defeated his rivals and went to the second step in the named league and this is the honor for Spain that   two teams scored this position; both teams have two other games in the scored step as well and they loss these two matches the will be still in the second step and will not exclude  from.

although Barcelona won three games and equally pass a match is also in second step because in H group Milan and Saltic teams are so for from Barcelona and the teams has more points in his group. from the other hand Arsenal from northern London defeated dortmend of Germany by (1-0) in their own playground. Dorthmend last year reached to the simi final in European champions league and also they have won Arsenal two week ago, but we do not know what was the problem that they were unable to win Arsenal.

in another game Chelsea from London also defeated Shilka of Germany by three goals and now Arsenal and Chelsea are in first positions in their groups, but they are still in first step. bain  Munikh is still the champion of European champions league among the Europe champions clubs.because they won four games in their group and has 12 points, Manchester  city is the big challenge for Munikh in the European champions league list.

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