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Work Experience, BCB - Day One

Today I was filming with Unique Production Company at BCB(British Ceramics Biennial). We were filming the VIP opening night of the ceramics exhibition and my job role was Sound recordist. 

It was such a brilliant experience as well as an insight to some of the amazing ceramics produced. There were shows(that were very strange and abstract) But also brilliant and beautiful, giant ceramic vases, Stamped Bricks that you could take, and not forgetting the variety of Ceramics.

But Back to the Sound recording…It was an insight and experience. We faced a lot of problems with eco’s as it was a big open space and crows all talking at the same time. So when it came to recording interviews and music, it was vital to get as close to the subject as we possable could.

All In all it was a great experience, not only with the filming aspect, but to also see the amazing pieces on display.

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