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Beauty , intelligence classification soul to reach patients , but it is a direct door . Its creators have their own a rain , some consider such a promising concept formation, which is subject to the selection of the best things . Inner beauty is all the more apparent is the texture , beauty is found in every outward thing , despite life's many problems in the world . 

 Allah has made very beautiful . On the morning of each day the color of the sky and the warmth of the sun's heat in the winter and quiet , solitary trees , the valleys , the mountains , and in the treasures krsrsraht dreness addresses , sea asraraur engaging their individuality to create Allah to reach the depth of the soul If you admire . Melodious sounds of morning birds Chirp environment gives great color and water services in the creation of God seems busy . Allow us to enhance the pleasures. 

It means that your inner beauty style broader economy and is adorned with art and artists express their inner beauty and art shkarun do their best .

Writer , journalist , writer of the beauty of the heart sounds are characterized by their pens . 

The architect used his intellect and heart of his hands are the best and dlzyb buildings . A gardener wasteland practicing their manners are adorned with flowers and lush and beautiful world of such a work of art based on mrubt the beauty and joy that is building from the ground up . Syarasth the facilities , pyrasth and beautiful home is a source of joy for the whole family.3In addition to the beauty of the word hmkt, is a manifestation of tolerance and tranquility. The real beauty is the beauty of the soul, then he relaxed and enjoyable life than a beauty.

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