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Survey Chat is a kind of new rewarding service. Bitlanders recently introduced bit-miles technology to calculate our daily reward, but before this they were dealing in bitcoins. So after getting rid from bitcoins they shifted them to new way of calculating rewards in form of "Bit-Miles Loyalty Points". 


A couple of weeks ago Micky-Salerno (Administrator) instructed through his blog that now we are going to calculate our users reward in bit miles technology. So, finally the new way of giving reward was adopted and now users are getting in form of bit miles instead of bitcoins. Now a couple of weeks ago again Micky instructed through his blog that those user who will talk about Survey Chat in blog will get Double Rewards, so it sound good to write about this new feature.This is kind of feature in which users are asked questions by Auto Bots (Miss Hillary, Micky, and Bitlanders) of bitlanders. We can give our opinion by answering to the question. This may help bitlanders team to understand that what things are there in which users are interested. Also this feature is kind of polling also, we can submit our answer and that will be a way of spreading our opinion to others.


There is no new way to launch this feature of survey chat. We just login to Global Chat and this feature stars automatically, showing three bots of bitlanders that will ask some question one by one. If we put answer then they will give us another question. So they are not going to ask us more things if we are not giving answers to them. An example of those three bots is here for you;


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Difference Between Global and Survey Chat:

The new feature is embedded in Global Chat, As all user know that Global chat is used to communicate with other users and this is really a cool way to contact others and to share our thoughts, the global chat gives every user an opportunity to come there to make an impact on others through sharing his/her valuable contents, we can take good visitor to our profile if we user Global Chat and talk to others, recently a banned was applied in global chat and users were restricted to use only English language and also don’t make Buzz deals in global chat as this thing is spoiling the sole objective of bitlanders which is to only buzz those contents that have quality.

So now this new feature is launched in global chat and when a user comes online or signs in to global chat, a survey chat is prompted automatically. As in picture above. A very main point in survey chat is that this is not a public chat or live chat with other user. For me this is a readymade chat plate (heheheh), ye of course this is pre planned. The only purpose of this feature to get users opinions about some particular things. The Survey chat questions are not same every time, every day or sometime every time the bots come with new questions. 

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So, I am going to talk about my survey with Micky. Today when I singed in to global chat I met with Micky’ bot asking some questions, I took interest in those questions and started to give answers to those. I am going to share those question answers session here as I liked it to share my opinion with Micky.


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I liked the mickeys’ question about cricket. Because when he asked me about my favorite sport, I answered him as cricket. Cricket has been my love since my childhood and I love to watch and talk about this game. So thanks a lot to Micky for this question.

As you all know that Micky ‘s sole job was to only monitor chat of users, but in new feature of survey chat we can see him asking some questions from us. It’s a new job for him, Which I think he must enjoy to come to chat us, Now we can monitor him also J)).


Another time that I spent at survey chat was with Miss Hillary, she is very famous at bitlanders because every time we submit our content for review her avatar appears. And after reviewing the content we also see her praising or some time advising us to do good work with our blog.

Here I am sharing my time with Miss Hillary, after signing in she instantly starts to ask some question. I loved this new feature because in this feature we can share our own thoughts with others.


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The new feature is not just a survey for users, but it’s a new way of rewarding bit miles points to users. Every time user answers a question. He is rewarded with 10 or 30 BM. So bitlanders team is using this new feature not only for survey point of view but also for rewarding to users in a new way. I personally like to attend this chat and the good thing about survey chat is that, there is no same questions always. Bitlanders team is changing it every time and this is good at part of them. This is very interesting to talk with bots and share our own opinions. Also after passing our time we get some bonus of points which is good also.


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These bit miles points are added to our account instantly or within 24 hours after the total calculation of daily buzz bonus. We can see those points in our MY Rewards page which are shown as “bitMiles applications and games”.


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Video of Survey Chat with MICKY-THE-SLANTED-SALERNO

Video source : Mirfan87

This video below will teach you how to craft your own questions:

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