Blog 002: My Windows XP machine just survived XPocalypse!!!

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Microsoft cuts the mainstream support to one of my most loved Windows Operating System that is Windows XP. But until now, I'm still happy using this machine and OS to post and write all my post on my website, blogs and social networking site.

Microsoft is really wrong when they say that Windows XP will cease it's existence. It's been here and it will stay forever until I have the money to buy another and more powerful machine. I own a PC with Windows 7/8 but I prefer to use this machine.

No fancy graphics and it boots in less than 30 seconds. What a mess on my other machine! However if I boot it up using a LINUX system, it will only take 10 seconds to boot. This machine was way back 2007 and still kicking and can dominate more powerful netbooks far from the future. Anyway, I will keep this computer and Windows XP running inside it.

I will cherish this machine as it helps me on most of my earlier musical projects. This is one of my main weapons and I will not throw it in the landfill. I will keep it and show to my kids that this is the first machine which makes my musical psyche to life.

I have a lots of memorable things and projects done with this computer and I can just throw it away. Truly, Microsoft had built the most powerful operating system in the world and that is Windows XP! Long live to the operating system. I'm still waiting for Microsoft for the most awaited release of  the Windows XP13 collectors edition as I'm sure that this will be a real killer Operating System from the Redmond Giants.

Maybe this is the main reasons why 25% of worlds computers are still using this obsolete operating system! :-)

Thanks for reading my post.

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