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Healing Water (Danum Kabunyan) of Tadian, Mountain Province

My brother arrived home last night, coming from his friend's wedding that he attended in Mankayan, Benguet.  He brought with him a bottled water.  He said that that came from a spring found in Tadian, Mountain Province.

It was reported in the news that that water from the spring (known as Danum Kabunyan or water from the supreme god) has a healing effect.  I haven't watched the news about that so I tried Google but unable to come up with something to give me more information about that spring other than this blog from Northern Dispatch Weekly.

MP’s healing waters now open to tourists

My brother asked me to drink from the bottle of Danum Kabunyan he brought with him.  I was curious as to how it taste and so I asked him.  He said it has a lime-like taste.  I took the bottle from him and in a second gave it back to him.  I told him I don't want to drink or taste it and he laughed, taking the bottle with him.

I don't know what healing powers that spring water has but I am fine with whatever illness or maladies I have, thank you very much.

Do you have healing spring waters in your area?

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