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Lots of businesses are in competition nowadays especially those with the same line of business or the same kind of products.  It really takes creativity to market your business.

I was waiting for my friend's brother yesterday.  We decided to meet at Porta Vaga Mall.   This is a mall owned by the Catholics who owns the Baguio Cathedral.  I was there early so I have time for myself.  I went around the mall a bit for I haven't frequented that place and I noticed that nothing much changed, only that more stores and stalls were put up.

I was delighted to see Sweetmates, my favorite place for sweets, having a stall there too.  I was tempted to spend my time there but am not in the mood for sweets that time.  I noticed another stall behind it and that's where I went.  I didn't notice the name of businesses right away.  I scanned their menu and ordered.  I was up for some cool milk tea to ease the afternoon heat.

Just like some stalls in the mall, they have put up a few chairs and tables.  This is located at a terrace in between the Porta Vaga Mall and Puso ng Baguio building.  I forgot to take a photo of the place unfortunately but I like how they put vines and plants in some parts of the walkways.  It would be better if they decorated all of that part with plants.

I also like how they come up with such catchy name.  I hope it won't meet the demise the same ship they based the name of their business from.

They even put an interesting quote on their cute little board.  I am guessing they change the message every now and then.

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