BLOG #46: Giving Back (Afghan Girls)

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It's now the time of giving back.  However, it's now lesser than what I have given on my last cash out.  A dollar is a dollar, right?

I really appreciate what Francesco Rulli and his company are doing in helping Afghan women.  I first learned about that during his interview with Coin Brief where he made mention of educating Afghan women about computers and the internet.  He also mentioned briefly about Roya Mahboob.  He has been supporting Roya in constructing internet classroom in Afghanistan.  According to this blog, they are doing this to empower women not only in Afghanistan but also women around the world.  Also in that blog, he mentioned that they have "created 13 classrooms and connected 55,000 Afghan girls to the World Wide Web!"

Afghan Girls Financial Assistance Fund helps young Afghan women in their studies especially in their expenses and finances as they study in the U.S.  This is another way of helping Afghan women get the education they needed.  AFGAF have now helped 33 students with their educational goals.  This another charity that is included in bitLanders' list and it's my third on the list of giving back.

Check out giving back to GMRF.

Check out giving back to SMC.

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