BLOG: DisneyQuest is closing in 2016, and I'm sad

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Of all the Disney attractions I've experienced in my 3 trips to Disney World, nothing compares to the "free" arcade and virtual reality experience known as DisneyQuest.

Please allow me to paint you a picture of this magical place. Imagine every arcade game you've ever seen; good. Now imagine arcade game you've never seen; a little more difficult but good effort. Next imaging rooms where you go INTO videogames; not the most story driven kind of thing or super action platformer, but an imersive river rapids experience, commanding a mech from the inside with the goal of escaping an imploding planet, a pirate ship with cannons all around, and some other simple concepts but fully immersive. Now put all of that in a 5 story building with everything included for a single entry fee where Genie takes you on an elevator ride to this magical place. Now you have Downtown Disney's DisneyQuest.

I'm not kidding, this place actually exists. According to the page on Disney's Trip Planner site, the ticket price is $45 at the gate. Because my mom did some super planning and bundling, I doubt she paid that with it probably being more around $30. Regardless, I know I paid for the entry fee my first hour being there. With normal arcades, you kind of want to complete to game over to avoid "wasting the token;" but at DisneyQuest, there was no problem because everything was "free." Don't like a game, walk away and go to a different one; you'll only waste your time if you stick with it. And considering that the virtual reality stuff would cost like $5 per use at a standard arcade, it was well worth it.

Apparently it's going to be replaced with an NBA experience. That's cool I guess, but do you REALLY need to replace the most magical place on earth with something you could probably fit on a single level? Oh well. Would you pay $45 to go to DisneyQuest?

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