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Hello viewers. I have found myself with ample free time this semester. Every Wednesday I film lets plays with some of my friends. I do podcasts whenever a topic comes to mind. I have found myself with a fair amount of content that's ready to upload. So, effective January 31st, 2015, this is my content release schedule until further notice.

Monday: PSS Lets Plays

Thursday: PSS Lets Plays

Saturday: Pokematic [something or other] Podcast (happy gamer takes over the podcast included)

Blogs, Microblogs, and Photo Galleries will be posted on an as happen basis as they always were. That content always was and always will be posted as it comes to mind.

Thank-you for being a loyal viewer and I hope you will be able to tune in.

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Hey there, my name is Pokematic, I make videos and blogs about gaming, anime, movies, and many other things. I hope you enjoy.

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