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Ok, so I just watched National Lampoon's Van Wilder. Why, because it was on hulu, and I didn't really have anything else to watch. Plus, I was curious to see what one of the National Lampoon movies I always passed by in the video rental store was like. I really enjoy the Chevy Chase Vacation movies, and I enjoyed RoboDoc enough to say it was worth the time. So I was interested to see what Van Wilder had to offer. And, it's OK.

The plot is pretty simple. There's this student named Van Wilder who's a 7th year student at some university, and he isn't pursuing some 8 year degree like law or medicine, he just enjoys being in college. He enjoys the parties, he enjoys the people, he's the most liked guy on campus, "He is, the most interesting student on campus." And, that's kind of it for story. There is this reporter who wants to know "who is Van Wilder" because that will make her famous in the school news paper. And there's Van having to find a way to pay for college since his dad cut him off. And some other sub plots. Whatever.

But no one really watches National Lampoon movies for the plot, at least in my experience they don't. National Lampoon movies are entertaining because of the situational comedy and how crazy the world is, at least in my experience. As for the comedy in Van Wilder, it's hit and miss. There's a lot of gross out humor, because that's what the college kids think is funny. Ehhhhh, not really. However, Van's character is where the comedy shines. Ryan Reynolds plays an amazing "I've been here forever, and everyone loves me, I'm just so confident in myself" character. If the character wasn't played like that, the "I'm in an otherwise embarrassing situation/no sane person would actually do this.but I'm gonna do it anyways" situations he always seems to get himself into wouldn't work. Then there's the reporter girl who goes to these situations and is confused, but Van is all "oh just another day in the life of Van Wilder." That's where it really works, and there's enough to say it balances out the terrible gross out humor. In fact there's this one gross out humor scene that half works and half doesn't because Van is in it being his normal "just another day" self. When it cuts form Van and goes to the victim, it's terrible gross out jokes, but the preceding with Van for the most part works.

Sooo, who would enjoy this? Well, unsophisticated college guys will enjoy it. It has partying, cool guys, and gross out humor, and hot girls. Everyone else, well it depends on how far away you are from an "unsophisticated college guy" you are. If you were once an unsophisticated college guy, you'll probably enjoy it somewhat because of the nostalgia it brings up. If you're a somewhat sophisticated college guy that doesn't get out much like yours truly, you'll enjoy living vicariously through Van Wilder for the 2 hours but will likely cringe at some of the more low brow stuff. If you're a sophisticated professional who never thought of college as a fun place and didn't party, well you won't like it. It's pretty easy to tell if you'll like it going in. Well this has been Pokematic signing off, and bu-bye.

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