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Well as you may or may not know, PS2 games are on fire sale. If you find them at a store like walmart or best buy, they're dirt cheap, like $5 a sealed game. They're typically below fair market value because they just want to get rid of them.

So I'm at a walmart digging through the clearance game bin and I find a couple of PS2 games. There were some copies of Boogie and Disney Sing It, but I already had them. I actually have a couple of copies of Boogie and Disney Sing It. Then I found some bull riding game and bowling game. I look at the price tags, bowling was $15 and marked down to $5, and the bull riding game was still $15. I had a feeling that it just wasn't marked down, so I decided I would go to price check it.

I went to the price check, and it said "see associate." OK, so I go to one of the associates and ask for a price check with their "we know everything" gun. It wasn't in there, but I asked the guy in the home furnishing and these were electronics. He calls over someone from electronics, and she checks her "we know everything" gun, and it's no longer in the system. She tries the bowling game and that wasn't in the system either. The store forgot that it had these games. I find that funny. It probably also forgot about the copies of Boogie and Disney Sing It.

She had to go talk to her supervisor or something to see about getting them put back in the system, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to check out. She puts them in as $5 each. So I now have 2 new PS2 games for my collection. I inputted them into my database, thankfully I didn't have them already. I've never had it happen where the store didn't know it had some item, but I found the item in their store. I've had items not scan, but it wasn't in the database. Wow. Well this has been Pokematic, signing off, and bu-bye.

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