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Are you working a full time job like me?

Question is, how will I find the time to blog professionally? 

If you think Blogging as main source of income will be swift and easy that's wouldn't be true. You'll most deff still need your job. Blogging could take months or years to develop depending on how much effort you put into it and what resources you have guiding and helping you along the way.

This could be fun, or it could be a headache. It's all up to you.
Can't think of anything to blog about? That's nonsense.
I don't go searching for topics. I let topics and ideas come to me. Boom I've got an idea.
Don't be afraid to you other peoples material. If Jane doe has an interesting YouTube video that goes in harmony with your subject. Use that information. Still remain original with added content from your own experiences but in the end you're helping your own blog AND the person(s) who's material or quote you've used. People will see them in the process and that's traffic for them and yourself.
I see photos on other peoples blog and websites that I've personally posted on Instagram or have used on my own blog. No prob. Sharing is caring. There's millions of people sharing info and data but it doesn't mean that our material is a "copy cat"
For example. A natural hair blogger and I use the same picture of let's say Erika badu. Well, I might focus on Erika's songs and the other blogger might be using that pic to talk about her clothes. The viewer won't say oh this is the same ol stuff IF you have captivating keywords, interesting bullet points and a creative language or the style of writing.

No two authors are the same.  Even if the book cover looks similar. Stylish web pages and advertising also helps one stand out. That usually comes a little later once you're on a good roll and have gotten into you're blogging.

Blogs are as versatile as a woman in a wig shop. There's so many different things you can do and say to capture many different audiences. No wonder it can be overwhelming.
I myself hit a roadblock only a few months into it. I calmed down, stopped stressing I over content and all of a sudden a rush of writing material entered into my brain like a frozen pipe that got so cold it burst. My creative juices are flowing and I'm excited to share my experience with you all.

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