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"The Dwarf in the Dirt" is episode seven of season five of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a small green skeleton is found next to some gold coins, underneath a rainbow.


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Booth Asks Gordon Wyatt for Help, Not Sweets

Booth is practising at the range as he will shortly need to be recertified for his firearms skill. Unfortunately, he's really, really bad. Which he didn't use to be, being a former sniper and skilled marksman. Booth goes to Sweets for advice but, because Sweets' first loyalty is probably to the FBI, Booth decides not to ask him for help. According to Brennan, such problems with his accuracy couldn't be from his brain tumour. So Booth then goes to see Gordon Wyatt for advice - who, as the latter stated in "Mayhem on the Cross", is no longer practicing psychiatry but is a chef. Gordon, after hearing all of the problems that Booth has had since his brain tumour, agrees to tag along on the case. Sweets also asks Gordon to help out - but is also upset that Booth went to see Gordon. So Gordon himself consults with Sweets.


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The Car-Swallowing Sinkhole

The case involves a sinkhole that opened in the street, swallowing a car and breaking a water main. The car's occupants were uninjured, but the car itself landed on a small green skeleton. Damaging the remains a bit. Near the skeleton is a gold coin - one of several. When the water main starts spreading more water into the hole, creating a rainbow, Booth puts rainbow, small green man and gold coins together and gets leprechaun.


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A Masked Wrestler

The body, on examination, seems to be that of a professional wrestler. A short one, but one who is very strong. Mr Nigel-Murray mentions the sport of midget wrestling to Brennan, and she and Angela find a masked wrestler called the Iron Leprechaun. So, he was a leprechaun after all (but the green colouration of the bones was from the soil). However, said wrestler is supposed to be performing tonight - which would be difficult if he's been dead in a hole for several months. Brennan can't believe that she misidentified the person - but the wrestler is masked. And, when she, Booth and Gordon go to the wrestling match, she quickly identifies the person performing as the Iron Leprechaun to be a fake.

The New Iron Leprechaun

The current Iron Leprechaun took over the character when the previous one disappeared. It's apparently a popular character. He ran away from Booth, but that was due to an expired work visa. The previous holder had a criminal record for assault and also had a case against his ex, who is also the woman who runs the gigs. According to the deceased's (taller) twin brother, he had turned his life around after becoming a wrestler. There are a few people who might have wanted the leprechaun dead. None of them seem likely. That's because something else is going on.

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