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"The Headless Witch in the Woods" is episode ten of season two of Bones, the forensic drama series based on the books by Kathy Reichs.


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The Crime Scene - In the Deep Woods

Brennan and Booth are following a park ranger through some very dense woods when Brennan sees some fetishes constructed to look like eyes. There is a legend that the woods are haunted by the spirit of an 18th century witch who had her head chopped off, and who beheads anyone who goes looking for her, using the same axe that was used to chop off her own head. The body that is discovered is of a male. Who is missing his head. He has a video camera in his backpack.


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The Headless Victim - Decapitated with an Axe

The body turns out to be that of a missing film student who went looking for the witch, Maggie Cinders. There is some rather crazy writing in his backpack. The video camera shows the student, and two others who accompanied him, in the woods at night, running away from something. The girl he is with disappears (there was another male student as well), and there are screams and chopping sounds. The film turns to fuzz. It's surprising that no-one at this point mentions the film The Blair Witch Project - the episode definitely seems to be channelling it.


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The Witch Did It?

The film student was beheaded with an instrument made from wood from a tree that went extinct at the beginning of the 19th century and iron forged in the 18th. Brennan is looking for a more rational explanation than 'The spirit of a dead witch killed him.' The student had also received a grant and the other male student with him had lost out. With the disappearance of the grant receiver, the second student now gets it - a financial motive, but possibly too obvious. Said student claimed the witch was talking to the dead student, and claimed he was too freaked out to go back into the woods. The girl left school afterwards and checked into a psych ward.


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The Victim's, Now Crazy, Secret Girlfriend

The girl does not seem rational. She says that the missing student is going to return and keep her safe, and that he was her secret boyfriend. When she hears about his death, she totally freaks out and starts ranting about so much blood. It seems that the dead student was dating a lot of girls at the same time. Who were kept secret from each other. Another motive for murder. Drugs are found too.

Brennan finds a fair bit in common with the brother of the dead student. Both lost their parents, leaving only a sibling, Brennan's older and the brother's younger. So Brennan meets him for coffee. And a meal.


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Supernatural Murder? - Well, Probably Not

Lots of static used to transition between scenes and some of the evidence seems to be pointing to a supernatural explanation of some type. Of course, that can't be true. And other evidence, not linked to supernatural incursions, does start turning up. Of course, there has to be a sting in the tail as well.

Bones Season 2 Trailer

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