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"The Shot in the Dark" is episode fifteen of season eight of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, Brennan is shot in the lab whilst working on a case.


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An Argument Over Fishing

Brennan is in the lab; she and Hodgins are examining a body. The body is a man who fell off a bridge, one that is 876 feet high. The man also suffered a heart attack. Cam is going to examine the soft tissues in a few hours so Brennan heads home. Booth wants all three of them to go fishing. Brennan doesn't get why this is important; Booth just wants Brennan to be spontaneous to create memories and gets quite angry. Brennan also gets angry and heads back to the lab. That went well.

Brennan is Back at the Lab Ignoring Booth

A security guard, Hal, checks up with Brennan at the bone room, wanting to know how long she's going to be there. She says a few hours, and explains how the victim from earlier may have been murdered and the body thrown off the bridge. Booth keeps calling but Brennan keeps hanging up.


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Brennan Gets Shot

When someone enters the bone room, Brennan is wearing magnification headgear on her face for close up work and assumes it's Hal from earlier. She can't see him, but Brennan certainly can feel it when the unknown visitor shoots her with a silenced weapon. Booth comes to the lab with Christine and discovers Brennan lying on the floor. Brennan passes out and sees a home - and her (dead) mother.


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Brennan is Seeing Her Dead Mother

Booth has called an ambulance and Brennan is taken to the hospital. Brennan is still having visions of her mother, and where she is is her former home. She is sure that she's hallucinating. Her mother says that the reaction most people normal have in such a situation is that she's in heaven. Brennan forces open the stuck door of the house, even though her mother says it's not her decision to leave, and is briefly sucked out. The real Brennan is in surgery and is not doing well - her heart has stopped - and Brennan reappears back in her former home.

A Bullet Wound Without a Trace of a Bullet

According to Booth, Hal the security guard was also found dead. Cam wants to head back to the lab to autopsy Hal - because there is neither bullet nor exit wound in Brennan. So, what was she shot with? If Hal also has a hole with no bullet or exit wound, it was not a gun. The sound of the gun was odd - it actually sounded like a release of air pressure.


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No Normal Gun

At the lab, Sweets, Hodgins and Clark are discussing the attack. They think that the attack must be connected to the case that Brennan was working on when she was shot; she had discovered something just prior to that. Hal also shows no signs of a bullet. Clearly, Hal and Brennan weren't shot with a normal gun.

The Surgery Was a Success

At the hospital, Booth is at Brennan's bedside when she comes around after surgery. Even though her heart stopped for two minutes during surgery, it was a success. She says that the wound was cold when she was shot. Perhaps she was shot with ice? (I think this has been used as a twist before in a book.) Max also turns up at the hospital. Brennan can't believe that there is no bullet and wants to get back the lab. Which Max expected, so she isn't allowed to leave.


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Ice Bullets?

At the lab, they are discussing the wounds to Hal and Brennan. Hodgins brings up the possibility of an ice bullet. Cam says that such has been posited for years but no-one has fired one successfully. Special Agent Sparling (from "The Gunk in the Garage" and Sweets are interviewing those who were at the Jeffersonian, but none seem to have any useful information, as they were all seem to be in other parts of the building. Hal is mentioned a few times; he had apparently only been there six months and was clumsy. Sweets is finding it hard to be objective.

Who Killed Hal?

A possible link between Hal the dead security guard and the victim from the bridge is found. So, who killed Hal? Sweets and Sparling - whilst discussing their failed relationship after their previous encounter - discover that the victim from the bridge was living beyond his means. It's still not clear what the connection between Brennan, Hal, the dead man and the killer is. There is a definite connection though. Hodgins is having problems with the ice bullet, until he redefines 'ice' and 'gun.'

Brennan Keeps Seeing Her Mother

Booth feels guilty about the argument he had with Brennan prior to her being shot. Brennan sees her mother a couple more times, which is confusing for someone so utterly rational who doesn't believe in an afterlife.

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