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"The Gunk in the Garage" is episode three of season eight of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a man is killed by an exploding cup.


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Fast Food Drinks Are Bad For You

A man is walking through a fairly dark parking garage at night. There is another figure lurking in the darkness. The man activates the remote for his car, which has what looks like a fast food drink standing on the roof. When the man reaches for the drink, the car explodes. Pretty violently.


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Brennan, Booth and Money Issues

Brennan is choosing a new $800 pram. Booth says that's too expensive. Brennan says that she can afford it herself, but Booth says they've already discussed it, and that they are splitting all the expenses equally. Brennan thinks he's too sensitive on the subject. She makes sad eyes at him.

A Targeted Attack

Brennan gets a call about the parking garage explosion, the garage belonging to a hotel, but Booth gets a call from Caroline who wants him to come to her office instead. The explosion was fairly significant but there is only one victim. The car is pretty torched as well. The explosion wasn't big enough to damage the garage, but it's done a number on the man and his car. With him being the only victim, it looks like a targeted attack. According to Hodgins, the bomb was in the cup. Hodgins really likes explosions.

More Money Issues for Booth - Justifying His Department's Expenses

Booth doesn't want to hang around for Caroline but she turns up before he can leave. Booth and Sweets were heading to the hotel to get the surveillance tapes and Sweets can't go by himself. So Caroline drags a new agent, Sparling, and sends her off with him (they do not hit it off at first; Sparling does not think much of psychiatrists). The reason Caroline wanted to see Booth is because of his department's expenses. They may have the highest conviction rate, but they also have the highest cost per conviction. So Booth is going to have to justify his costs at the next budget review. He doesn't want to do it, but Caroline wants him to intimidate the bean counters. If he does it, there's a promotion for him, a pay raise - and a desk job. This sounds way out of Booth's skillset. He does get overly interested in the details of office supplies though.

The Dead Man is - Not Dead

Angela manages to reconstruct the dead man's face, and gets an address. Sweets and the new agent go to the address, with a picture of the man, and tell the wife her husband is dead. At which point he walks up the drive. Clearly not dead. The wife is not happy with Sweets. Oddly, the man is the same as the one who walked to the car, and the face that Angela reconstructed. So, did someone else remove the cup or what?


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An Identical Twin

Brennan looks at the skull and finds some slight changes to it, and Angela does a new reconstruction. This comes up with a person who is very similar - an identical twin to the living man. The latter was adopted as a child and didn't even know he had a twin. Sweets thinks he can help determine what the dead man was like by what the live man is, given that they were twins. According to Cam, some of the injuries on the man are those that tend to be inflicted by a loan shark. The actual man's widow is not a happy person (and is very similar to the other wife) and according to her has issues.

So, why was the man killed. And could it be down to mistaken identity? And who was lurking in the garage?

Desk Job

Booth spends much of the episode at his desk. Which gets more and more covered in paper.

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