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"The Partners in the Divorce" is episode two of season eight of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, the body of a lawyer is found in a burning oil drum.


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Smells Like Chicken

A couple of homeless guys are discussing investing, real estate and the economy when one of them smells something. He think it smells like chicken. The other thinks the smell is more reminiscent of pork (the latter is right). They go to investigate and find a flaming oil drum. What's inside is not their next meal but a dead body. Part of which promptly explodes from the heat.


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First Thing, Kill All the Lawyers

The dead man is quickly identified as a lawyer, and his wife says that she isn't surprised that he's dead, as many people hated him. Not because he worked for organised crime or anything traditionally dangerous like that. No, according to the widow, he was far worse - a divorce attorney. One who went for the throat and took no prisoners, who was hated by those who lost, their lawyers, children and even some judges.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

The lawyer was stabbed with a fountain pen, which is an unusual instrument of murder. When Brennan and Booth go to his office, which is under renovation, the dead man's assistant is shredding things. When Brennan discovers blood on the lawyer's desk, one which has a fountain pen missing, it looks like this was the murder site. The assistant was shredding files as her late boss had left specific instructions. Brennan wants Angela to reassemble the shredded documents - she doesn't realise just how complex the task is. The shredder was a particle shredder and each sheet of paper is in up to 4,000 tiny little pieces. Angela explains just how difficult this will be, and Brennan assumes that this means she has a handle on how to solve the problem.


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Many, Many Suspects

The lawyer, Bartlett, was just as vicious in court as his wife described, and everyone on the losing side to his clients was bled dry. Which means a really big suspect list. The last couple to see him before he died had actually gone to see him to undo their divorce. Another client had been feeding Bartlett rat burgers. Which apparently the lawyer loved - they were really well prepared. The cause of death proves harder to narrow down. It wasn't the fountain pen that killed him. Then the wife is back in the frame. Wives are always obvious suspects, especially when there's a large amount of money involved.

Personal Matters

Booth in particular is struggling to cope with how things have changed with him and Brennan, because Brennan has changed even if she doesn't realise that, following her return in the previous episode, "The Future in the Past", after three months on the run. Brennan doesn't seem to have noticed yet, but perhaps she will, and realise that she's making Booth feel not needed. Angela tries to help. Dealing with so many people who have split up seems to lead to Booth thinking about his relationship with Brennan.

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