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"The Future in the Past" is episode one of season eight of Bones, the forensic drama television series loosely based on the novels and life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs. In this episode, a fugitive Brennan leads the police to what is probably Christopher Pelant's first victim.

The Story So Far...

In the previous episode, the season seven finale, "The Past in the Present", the hacker Christopher Pelant had launched a campaign against Booth and Brennan, implicating the latter in the murder of a friend who was helping her stop Pelant. As a result of this, Booth, Caroline and Sweets all got taken off the case, Caroline because of money being transferred from Brennan's account to hers, the Jeffersonian only remaining on because Cam played by the rules. The Jeffersonian are now the only people believing that Brennan has been framed still working the case.


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Brennan and Christine Are Fugitives

With a warrant going to be put out for Brennan's arrest, Max had her and Christine flee. With Pelant being able to hack the system, once in the system Brennan's days would probably be numbered. Even though Angela thinks she has worked out how Pelant was doing his hacking - as he wasn't even allowed a computer - all the evidence pointed to Brennan. Hodgins and Cam have discovered a message left by Brennan's friend before he was murdered, but given that said friend, as well as being a mathematical genius was also a paranoid schizophrenic, deciphering the message will be a challenge. Pelant has also got parole as a result and has planted something, an altered digital clock that looks identical to the one he replaced, in Booth and Brennan's home. It's probably not a nice gift either.

No Progress Against Pelant

It's now three months later and a rather blonde Brennan is sitting in a field with Christine when Max tells her it's time to move again. At the Jeffersonian, neither Hodgins nor Angela have managed to get anywhere with the code or hacking and Angela is not happy about Clark being in Brennan's office (Clark is also obsessed with everything going into binders). Booth is still on desk duty and is not being very cooperative. He knows that Pelant was in his house, thanks to the security cameras, but the footage disappeared. Booth is also essentially stalking Pelant.


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Brennan Leads the Police to a Body

Brennan decides to do something against her father's wishes and the Jeffersonian and FBI get called out, thanks to an anonymous tip, to a buried body in the woods. Only it's no longer buried, it's been excavated in a very professional manner. Which is presumably what Brennan was up to.

The Body Will Prove Brennan's Innocence

Angela tells the others that the body will prove that Pelant is guilty, if they can solve the crime - it seems she is in contact with Brennan, the only one who is, and she won't tell anyone how. The body is of a guidance councillor who went missing a decade ago, who worked at the school Pelant went to. Which can't be a coincidence. Cam has the details on the case emailed to Booth, even though for cases linked to Pelant everything is being hand-delivered, to stop him intercepting anything. Cam says that there is nothing showing that Pelant is involved, but is she up to something instead? Pelant finds the details about the case and it clearly disturbs him. Perhaps Cam was trying to force Pelant into making a mistake - this would seem to be a body he didn't want found.

Brennan Wants to Examine the Body

Booth heads to Pelant's home town - telling everyone he's going to go to Atlantic City instead - and, whilst in his motel room, someone enters and they briefly fight. Until Booth realises that it's Brennan. She and Max had been digging into Pelant's history and, after they discovered the guidance counsellor had gone missing, Brennan went looking for her body. And found it. Brennan really wants to examine the body, which is tricky. All she has are photos.


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Pelant is Still Ahead - For Now

Even though Pelant still seems to be ahead, cracks look to be appearing.

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