Build Websites With Themeforest Themes and an Envato Account

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There are plenty of websites to build a website, but I've always stuck with Wordpress for my own. I've written before about how I rank Tumblr vs. Wordpress, but once you decide on Wordpress (if you decide that way, I won't hold it against you) there are plenty of things you need to do in order to ensure the website is approachable.

I've used my account as a test-bed for ideas, plugins, themes, and different SEO tactics. Basically it's a war zone right now. If you were to go there you'd see the result of quite a bit of tests and themes. These ideas come from message boards, SEO tactics, social media trials, and a lot of visual updates. 

I wish I would've heard about Envato and The Next Web prior to starting these experiments and running these updates. They are a company known for making graphic design, themes, layouts, and everything wonderfully easier. Sure, some of them are experience, but consider that website the marketplace for all things digital. I've spent a bit of money there building out different themes, pitch decks, and layouts, but they're all saved. I can at anytime repurpose a theme and buy a domain and slap it on there. It's a long road in the beginning, but it's definitely worth it.

Right now Social Marvels is undergoing another makeover, but if you're a web developer, SEO, or online digital enthusiast check them out. You'll have to pay the price, but Envato makes life much easier for everyone. 

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