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Cartoons & comic characters have a powerful influence on children, whether they are viewing them on TV, reading a book or children's e-book, or obtaining them on their computers. When they are presented with friendly, likeable, open & clear characters (who personify the qualities of kid themselves), cartoon characters can have a remarkable impact in influencing a kid's sensibility about the world & what it is like. A well-rounded cartoon character in contrast to a doubtful, crude one can make the distinction as whether your kid leans towards being a pessimist or an optimist, for one example.


It goes without expressing, this being the case, that animated character influences your kid's values. When she/he encounters the better characters in kid's e-books or elsewhere, characters who aren't only childlike in their visibility & humility but also available, helpful,  kind, sincere – not ideal, but who battle with eagerness, laziness, being mad or irritated and other problems, she/he is likely to model her/his own values to some degree on them. Mother and father, of course, are the main models, & colleagues as well, but the cartoons can definitely play a powerful role based on the kid's personal circumstance.

Some of the better cartoon guides and children's e-books have characters which induce excitement about discovering, & entice a kid's natural fascination. Learning becomes a thrill, rather than a dry responsibility. Fantastic cartoon characters that are ingrained with humor and engaged in fun story lines while also communicating  real knowledge about various topics (including geography, history, science or nature) can have a powerful effect on children, stimulating their own thirst for knowledge, & encouraging them to want to learn more. When your kid wants to learn & does not see it as a duty, you've won 90 % of the battle! Quality cartoon comics are one way to spark that passion.

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