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Our body needs vitamins for our overall body needs and that for us to be protected from all the viruses and the bacteria around us. I had taken a lot of vitamins before and although sometimes I may tend to forget drinking it, I am still being reminded by my mom to always make sure to take my vitamins.

The one which I am taking in right now is the vitamins which my parents had sent me. The vitamin is called cecon and it is an ascorbic acid kind of vitamin which would be for the enhancement of my immune system. Since I live in a place where the temperature is always warm except on winter, I have to get myself equipped with a strong immune system.

What I really like about it is that it is chewable. It may seem like I am a child who can't drink medicines or tablets at once, I can drink it up but it is cool to just be chewing it or simply letting it stay in my mouth and let it dissolve there.

Do you take vitamins by the way?

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