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Trees keep our environment clean to a great extent. If you compare an area with a lot of soil with a lot of trees versus an area with a lot of soil with almost no trees, you will find that they naturally and literally absorb all the dust from the nature and provide us fresh environment as well as keeping the environment beautiful. Trees are sources for fresh air and keep the heat down to some an extent.

For a couple of decade, trees have been cut ruthlessly and on an enormous level and this is causing a big trouble for the climate and consequently, the heat is rising all over the world as well as diseases. Due to lack of trees in some areas, except the increase of pollen count, people are suffering from respiratory diseases. Trees are natural resouce for oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, resulting in fresh air that makes our soul and body feel fresh. The way the rate of respiratory diseases is increasing, it is quite alarming for us and tells us to not only stop cutting trees but growing them in a large number.

We know that the furniture, paper, etc. are made out of trees and they are part of our daily lives, but we can grow a new tree to replace with the one we cut already and this can at least become a makeshift. Keeping environment clean is also our responsibility and duty as weel as growing more and more trees may bring the loss down to a great extent.

What can we do to keep environment clean if we can't grow the trees? Well, the best thing is to grow trees. The second option is to keep the environment clean in other areas. For example, we can use trash/garbage can where we can put our garbage and let the authorities know about that so that they can dump it somewhere or maybe it can be recycled as well. If you find shopping bags (the plastic bags), try to collect and deliver to a company that recycles it and makes articles. Burning these bags will increase the pollution so avoid doing that as well.

Climate change starts from our very own surroundings. In our houses, we can keep our items, especially the food, at a safer and clean place. We must always wash our hands before and after eating while we should spray in our houses and in the surroundings, especially where the grass is, to avoid any kind of germs contact. Remember that we can not make any alternatives to trees as they are our natural friends, but we can also follow some other steps to keep our environment clean and friendly.


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