Channa /chickpeas pulao

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Channa /chickpeas pulao

Pulao is everyone’s hearty dish, this dish includes chana/chickpeas rice and of course allot of spices. This recipe is Very simple to cook and yummy to eat.


1)  Rice (basmati)                               1 cup (soak in water for half hour)

2) Chickpeas (boiled)                          ½ cup

3) Onion                                                  2 medium size

4)  Tomato                                              2

5) Ginger garlic past                              1 table spoon

6) (Cumin seeds, black cardamom black paper, cinnamon cloves)             1 table spoon crushed

7)  Cumin seeds                                     1 table spoon

8) Yogurt                                                 2 table spoon

9) Water                                                  2 cups

10) Red chilli powder                             1 table spoon

11) Salt                                                    to taste

12) Oil                                                      4 table spoons

13) Turmeric powder                           ½ tea spoon


1)  Heat oil in pan put cumin seeds and leave to pop, now add onion golden fry it.

2) Add chickpeas and fry it, after 5 minutes add all spices chillies salt and turmeric.

3) Now add tomatoes and fry it for 5 minutes.

4) When oil leaves the side of pan add water and cover this for 10 minutes to boil.

5) now add the rice do not cover the pan, when bubbles of water appears cover the pan and put rice over steam for 15 minutes and reduce heat.

6)  Serve with chutney , raita or salad.


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