Child Labour

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Child labour means the employment of children in different works that deprive them of their childhood.This is really very much exploitive.There is a large number of those children who have been engaged in child labour.Child labour is abusive and hazardous.They have to do dangerous jobs for little money and sometimes they are not given this little amount for their works.These children contribute to the family income.The major reason of this is poverty and economical factors.





Due to poor schooling opportunities,parents send their children to work and get some money for their families.This completely ruins the childhood of little innocent children.They work for long hours,often abused and even sometimes are send to other countries where their lives are endangered.Children are disabled so that they could earn more.About 168 million children are still involved in child labour in this modern age and the worst thing about this is that no one is paying attention to this.





Child labour is still common in many parts of the world.Some were involved in agricultural activities such as fisheries,farming e.t.c.It is said that mostly children are employed by their parents in all such activities.we have to show our concern to remove child labour.Government should provide them schooling facilities so that the parents should be able to send their children to get education and remove poverty from our country.







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