City & Village life

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Our Province Punjab is consists on the 2 parts like there are many people are living in the big cities while many people prefer to live in the village. But every system has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Village life is too simple and people are also very simple and kind heart. Their living style is very good and all people live in the big houses while in the cities some people prefer to live in the apartments. In the village you are free from the noise and air pollutions because there not big industries and all people do their own work in the fields. While in the cities, air and noise pollution are big problems for the each person


In the city life, there are many big colleges and institutes for the high education and their best facilities for the best communications and the transportations while in the village, there are no higher education colleges and institutes and transport system is also poor, you can watch their roads in the very rough condition.


There are no sources available for the fast communication like in the cities there are internet and mobile phones and computer are available for the communications so its mean in the City & Village life have their own advantages and disadvantages.


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