Comparision between Nano and Bugatti Veyron

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Cars are the fastest selling automobiles in INDIA due to the population explosion and hence prices of cars are also being increased.

For example we take comparison between Indian and foreign cars we will come across height, size, fuel efficiency, road grip, speed, comfort, etc. First of all an Indian individual would ask about fuel efficiency, road grip, comfort but in foreign a man would ask all the qualities written above.

For example we take comparison between Nano and Bugatti Veyron, Nano is the cheapest car in the world and whereas Bugatti is the costliest car in the world, both of the prices would differ 1700 times because Nano prices 1 lakh rupees and Bugatti will price about 17 crore rupees in Indian currency.


When we come to the speed matter Nano will have its full speed around 100 kmph but whereas Bugatti has 537 kmph of speed. The time limit for reaching 100kmph in Nano is around 5-6 minutes but whereas in Bugatti it is 2.4 seconds. When we come across the comfort matter the Nano car gives a way for 4 members but Bugatti gives a way for 2 members. When we come across the fuel efficiency Nano gives around 18kmpl but Bugatti gives around 2kmpl. When road grip matters any man would afford Bugatti but Nano would not give that grip for him/her. When we come across the height we can observe Nano has been provided with a height of 10-12 inches whereas Bugatti has been provided with a height of 4 inches.

So coming across all these comparison a rich man would afford Bugatti and a poor will afford Nano. 




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