Comparison between steel and concrete

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There are so many factors to discuss between steel and concrete structures. Some of them are given below.

  • From concrete, a built-up section cannot be obtained.
  • Concrete can be given any type of desired shape on site while steel is of a specific shape .
  • Steel is more reliable than concrete because of the flows in framework and currying and improper compaction etc.
  • More in-situ work for concrete as that for steel.
  • More time is required for concrete structure for curing so that is gets ultimate strength as compared to that of the steel structure.
  • Steel structures are comparatively economical.
  • There is no sudden failure in steel structure.
  • Extension in the already existing steel structure is simple as compared to that in case of concrete structure.Concrete from demolished concrete structure cannot be used again while steel from the demolished steel structure can be used again and can be sold as well.

Steel can be used in long span effectively while the concrete cannot be used. In steel structure, the roof span may exceed even 90meter.We can prepare much better water tight structure frame steel. Concrete structure gives more aesthetic beauty.


The flexibility of concrete to be deformed in any shape and the easy availability of the materials caused the increase in the use of concrete.