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Affiliate Marketing is an online monetization strategy which online marketers use to promote the products and make money online. The process of affiliate marketing is not hard to understand, in fact, the more you understand, the easier it becomes to apply. Most of the bloggers and video marketers struggle with their affiliate marketing and that’s why I thought to cover this up on my blog.

Do you promote any product on your blog?

Have you ever thought about making your conversion rate better?

Do you want to know the secrets of affiliate marketing success?

Well, we all want to know this stuff.

The best part is that you’ll find out something interesting in this article. This article is a guide for affiliate marketing beginners who are either going to start blogging or struggling with the affiliate marketing.

So What You Will Learn In This Article?
What is Affiliate Marketing?
Understand the affiliate marketing basics
Know the secrets of affiliate sales
Figure out the affiliate marketing of your niche
Help your audience in any way possible
Learn the art of affiliate marketing
Get to know that it’s not easy
Different Examples
Embrace the patience
Recommended Affiliate Programs and Recommended Readings!
Become consistent in order to succeed
The reason I’m covering this topic is that once newbie bloggers or video marketer get their hands on something useful and a certain part of their blogging strategy gets better and they start making some money from their blogs, it becomes easier for them to focus on rest of the game. The psychological impact of a few sales give them a big boost to change the destiny of their blog or video channel and that’s the time when they learn, evolve, and get better at this.

So, there will be  a lot of connected things with affiliate marketing and once I’ll start this up, you’ll see everything (that I’ll discuss) would have a link to the affiliate marketing.

Without any further delay, let’s begin the process.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is a process that is based on trust, loyalty, and honesty. You can’t win in this with your SEO techniques and advertising budget. Gone are the days when a $300 Facebook Ads campaign used to give a 10x ROI because everything was new to the people and people were ready to try things up.

Now things are completely different, in fact, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game has totally changed in last 5 year because people are become more sensible, choosy, brand oriented and the competition has gone way up then before, so you need to come up with a proper plan and strategy. Coming back to the topic, In order to start affiliate marketing, you’d need to follow these steps:

1) – Building a Platform
Consider this as a base to get started. How would you refer any product to someone online when you would not have any existence on the internet? This is why building a platform is necessary. A platform refers to any website or blog that is well-managed and updated. A blog could possibly the right platform in order to keep the new content coming and fulfilling other requirements. Most of the affiliate marketers try to build a blog that does have a niche and the content marketing plan to entertain the audience and get affiliate sales. A blog or platform is not about just having an online existence, in fact, the purpose of having the platform is far bigger than the platform itself, for instance, when a blog is established to make money from affiliate marketing. It is established as a business. The content is published on the regular basis, readers are taken care of, the blogger tries to engage the readers in the comments, and the sole purpose of the content publishing is to help resolve the readers’ problems.

There are two type of websites I recommend to start with.

1.1) Website Designed Completely Just for Affiliate Marketing :
Let’s have a look on Securityguardtraininghq.com which is just designed for affiliate marketing and Adsense Income.

1.2) A blog in any particular niche which regularly recommends multiple products time by time.
For Instance, Michelle earned more then $100,000 income last month alone via his blog Makingsenseofcents.com

Or You can also see the blog of Pat, who earned more then $167,000 last month alone and that too in Affiliate income from his SmartPassiveIncome blog and other properties.

2) – Catering the Prospective Audience
Have you ever heard of niche selection? This is exactly what you’ve heard there. When you talk about niche selection, what you’re supposed to mean is that you’re talking about targeting the certain kind of audience. This is exactly the same thing. Catering the prospective audience means, you should cut down the unnecessary section of the audience by honing your content strategy, so that you don’t waste your resources on the visitors that aren’t supposed to come to your website because they don’t need your content and they will never be your customer (affiliate prospect).

3) --

Develop a Community
Developing a community is an essential part of growing as an affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketing success doesn’t revolve around just affiliate promotion and sales. Don’t forget that the readers are real human beings who have feelings, mind, and observation. The reason I’m focusing on developing a community for your affiliate marketing success is that if you try to be focusing on sales and profits, you would start to appear salesy which is clearly not a good option to go with. There could be only two possibilities, either you focus on building a good relation with the audience by helping them out, solving their problems, and developing healthy relations with them or by trying to sell everything you got without any concern of your readers’ feelings and problems. I’m sure you’ll clearly see that being social and problem solver for others would be the ideal way to moving forward. I added up this point of ‘developing a community’ because at the end of the day, everyone realizes this and it’s better to get started as soon as possible than after a few years from now. You can establish a Facebook group and get connected with it via Facebook Groups app. In fact, there might be a lot of options to get started with. Use Triberr to build a tribe. You can also start usingDisqus commenting system to establish a Disqus community of your own.

5) – Promote based on Personal Experience
The most important step of starting an affiliate marketing program to make money from your blog is this one. You can’t sell something that you don’t personally use. People won’t trust the offer that you haven’t taken for yourself. In fact, it goes the other way around as well, once you buy it for yourself and like it, then you come up with a review, it really works. You’ll always see bloggers and online marketers are doing this for a long time and this is legit. The personal experience means you have the proof of the product that you’re promoting, in fact, it builds trust of your audience because you never went for promotion straight away, you’ve rather chosen to step up and spend money before recommending it to everyone, if everything goes the right way, you can certainly come up and give a heads-up to the audience that this product works. The best way to do is writing a full-fledged review of the product that you’re using and wanting to promote to the audience.

For Instance, Iftikhar Ahmed of Iftiseo.com knows this technique very well.  His review of Revenuehits went viral very soon and even Revenuehits started promoting it itself making the situation win-win with free traffic and referral earnings.

Build Your List
Now if you are planning to achieve something big or planning to build multiple streams of income by selling multiple products to the same user and branding yourself, it’s time for you to build your email list to make your audience even bigger. This strategy also helps in branding yourself as i mentioned above.

While a go, I have written a guide on How to Start Email List Building To Grow Your Business? Spend some time reading it as it will definitely help you!

7) Use SEO/Paid Advertising For more Traffic :
As with anything online, you can use SEO (Search engine optimization) or Paid Advertising such as advertising over Adwords, Facebook or Social Media can bring you ample of traffic of your website to convert very well and that too in a very short time frame.

For SEO, I recommend you to read 8 Ways to Establish Your Website Authority in Search Engines which will educate you in knowing the key factors in establishing your website trust/authority in the eye’s of search engines.

For PPC, I recommend you to read How To Make a Successful PPC Campaign?article which outlines basic fundamentals you need to know about starting your own first online PPC Campaign.

Recommended Affiliate Programs :
There are hundreds of Affiliate Companies and programs out in market, however if you are starting out, I recommend you to initially work with these companies and expand over time.


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