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Computer is derived from the word computer which means compute. In early age the people use abacus to calculate. Chinese invent the abacus which is of wooden frame. Computer passes through many development stages. Firstly vacuum tubes were used in computers. Then it was replaced by the transistors and these are replaced by ic chips and ic chips were replaced by the microprocessors.


The size of computer reduced due to new technology. Now the artificial intelligence is in process. The size of computer is reducing to palm top. The memory of computer is of two types RAM and ROM. The ram is random access memory and it is volatile. The rom is read only memory. It is not volatile memory.


The computer has buses. These are used to travel data in computer. Data is of three type’s Alphabetic data, Numeric data and Alpha numeric data. Data is entered through the input devices. Like mouse, keyboard, joystick and mic etc. the output devices are monitor, printer and speakers etc.


Computer is of three types Analog, Digital and Hybrid. Now a day’s hybrid computer is widely used. Internet is connected to the computer and we can search any type of data through it. Now days it becomes easy to get information. 

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